MFAA Industry Intelligence Service Report (Fourth Edition)

MFAA Industry Intelligence Service Report (Fourth Edition)

This bi-annual Industry Intelligence Report, provides a set of robust data-driven insights into the home loan market, for and on behalf of the mortgage brokers and the leading aggregators that support them in the field. Check out the data here.

MFAA IIS – 4th Edition

Since its inception, the IIS Report has grown in stature to become a leading source of credible data about the finance broking industry. In an ever-changing world, utilising credible data such as this is a key to future success strategies.

This edition coincides with one of the most dynamic periods for the broker community at large. Strategic adjustments in lender’s preferences for their channel composition, a strategic and highly progressive acquisition of a leading franchised broker business by a leading real estate portal and the handing down of ASIC’s Broker Remuneration Review make for interesting times.

In this edition, readers will find data covering a wide range of important issues, including women in the industry, broker numbers, the value of new loans, the growth in white label products, latest conversion rates, average broker portfolio sizes, a trend toward small offices, an increase in commercial lending and a state-by-state analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the industry across the country.

A new feature of this edition are the workbooks at the end of the report. The workbooks are designed to allow brokers to benchmark their own business against state and national data to enable them to recalibrate their business activities where required. This is an exercise we recommend all brokers conduct as part of managing their business.

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