IBN Private Mortgage Funding – For Investors

IBN Private is delighted to present to Investors the new arm to its business – IBN Private Mortgage Funding. Administered from our Head Office on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, IBN Private Mortgage Funding provides an opportunity for seasoned Investors to directly lend to qualified property transactions while retaining full control over due diligence and decision-making.

We are delighted to offer this opportunity and invite you to get in touch to further discuss how partnering with the IBN Private Mortgage Funding can enhance your existing investment portfolio.

Over 150 years combined experience

The Opportunities Are Limitless

The Fund predominantly lends to the following fully vetted transactions:

Short term funding – Our short-term funding solutions range from $250k – $10m and provide funding for a specific purpose within a business for a short period of time, generally 1 – 12 months.

The funds are typically used to:

  • Pay out an outgoing business partner
  • Complete an opportunistic property or stock purchase
  • Fill cash-flow timing gaps

  • Clear tax arrears
  • Provide interim cash-flow during DA
  • Cover short settlement time-frame’s

Commercial property funding – Commercial property funding offers flexible and tailored funding facilities from $500k – $50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms of 3 – 24 months.

The funds are typically used to:

  • Purchasing new properties
  • Completion of developments already underway
  • Specialised asset purchases

  • Commercial re-developments
  • Securing DA
  • Development construction without pre-sales

Land banking funding – Land banking funding offers a facility structured to suit the project’s timeframe. The project is funded on the strength of the proposed asset. Land banking funding ranges from $500k – 50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms ranging from 3 – 24 months.

The funds are typically used for:

  • Buy and hold strategies for undeveloped land in prospective growth areas

  • Buy and hold strategies for distressed assets in prospective growth areas

Private Investors can invest directly in registered mortgages with their own companies as the lender of record:

In safety – utilising the experienced team from Bransgroves Lawyers
Reliably – utilising the IBN network of accredited brokers and referrers
Conveniently – utilising the Omicron cloud based origination platform

The Omicron system allows Private Investors to easily track their portfolio and obtain information for tax returns at any time of day or night.

The Private Investor retains full control over the decision making and has full access to the finite details of the proposed lending transaction. This allows the Private Investor to only lend to transactions that meet their individual investment portfolio parameters.

All security documents are prepared by Bransgroves Lawyers, who also act on behalf of the Private Investor directly regarding the transaction, and with whom we have a long-standing and covetable relationship.


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The Opportunities Are Limitless…