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We believe in collaboration and communication and find that the best way to achieve success in partnerships is with a clear process mapped out from start to finish. With our clear direction in place, we work quickly and effectively to deliver outstanding results for you and the client.

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  1. Submit new enquiry on IBN Private via our “New Enquiry Form
  2. Receive confirmation that IBN can assist
  3. Referrer Accreditation must be in place before file can proceed
  4. IBN Private source potential Funders
  5. Engagement Letter & Mandate issued complete with terms
  1. Completed items to be returned:
    • Executed Engagement Letter & Mandate;
    • Fully completed IBN Private Application form, together with supporting documentation.
  2. IBN Private formally submit complete application to relevant Funder
  3. Conditional approval received from Funder
    • IBN Fees payable prior to release of this offer
    • Funders’ conditional offer supplied
    • Funders’ offer accepted and conditions satisfied
  4. Formal approval issued
  5. Settlement

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I never see the sort of business that you guys do so why would I need to see you?

You’d be surprised! We paid a $200,000 commission to a Broker who thought he didn’t see our sort of business. It’s amazing how opportunities appear when you are aware of new solutions – make sure you are equipped to seize them.

How do I get accredited with IBN?

It is a simple process of completion of our Referral Agreement and return of supporting documents. If you are not a Broker, or you are an ACL holder restricted by your panel, you may still become a Referrer as a “Spotter’s Fee”.

What does the non-circumvention clause in your agreement mean?

This is in place to both protect both you and IBN. It prevents you going directly to the Funder we introduce you to and it also protects us from going directly to your client.

How can I be sure that I maintain my client once I refer to you?

We have a clause in our Referrer Agreement to protect you. If the client was to come directly to us in the future, you would still be included in any future settlements.

Will my Aggregator allow me to get accredited with IBN?

You will need to check the details with your current Aggregator for the terms of your agreement. IBN Private do not have any requirements for this however, your Aggregator or Insurer may.

I am only a Credit Rep can I get accredited?

We have accredited Referrers who are both Credit Representatives and Credit Licence Holders. You will need to provide supporting documents in your individual, company or business name for MFAA or FBAA; COSL, FOS or AFCA and Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you are restricted by panel, you may choose our Spotter’s Fee Agreement.

Why are you not on my Aggregator’s panel?

IBN started its life dealing with individual Brokers not Aggregators. Whilst we are on a few panels, at this stage our focus is on the individual, where we can provide a personalised service.

How do I get paid for the business I refer?

As per our standard Referrer Agreement we will pay you the agreed share of brokerage once we receive the full amount as cleared funds after settlement. Please contact us for details.

Will I be covered by insurance during the transaction?

It is a requirement that our Referrers must have their own Professional Indemnity insurance coverage except under an Agreement where Referrers simply send a name and number referral and IBN deal directly with the client.

How am I protected under NCCP?

We specialise in doing non-NCCP lending, though we are fully licenced through ASIC for consumer lending.

Are there any volume requirements for a broker?


Is there clawback on my brokerage?


Do I just deal with IBN or do I also deal with the Lender/Funder?

IBN will deal with the lender, however, once a client commits to IBN we are more than happy if the client wants to speak to the lender directly.

What sort of Valuers do private lenders use?

Private lenders usually have their own specific specialist valuers, who hold the relevant insurance.

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