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Commercial Property Loans

Rather than scaring the pants off your banker, talk to us about your property development goals and projects. We are commercial finance brokers who specialise in sourcing commercial finance solutions for proposals that fall outside traditional banking guidelines. We have lenders who can help.

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Short-term Commercial Finance

Control your cash flow, grow your business or simply meet settlement timeframes. If you have real estate as security, we can provide commercial finance solutions and short-term business loans for terms up to twelve months.

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Development Finance, Land Banking and Residual Stock

Whether you’re an experienced or first-time property developer looking to fund your next venture, we have commercial lending solutions to suit your needs. Many of our lenders don’t require pre-sales or lengthy application processes. We are commercial finance brokers, call us today to find out how we can help. 

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Private Lending

Commercial finance can help a business kickstart growth, provide options for property developers, and provide solutions for short time-frame commercial opportunities. We understand that traditional, mainstream lenders aren’t always the best option, and will work with you to develop a strategic financing proposal that will take your needs and goals into account.

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Commercial Finance Broker Australia

Non-Conforming Commercial Loans

Need a commercial loan and finding that banks will not consider your credit impairment, the commercial finance broking team at IBN can help.

Preferred Equity and Joint Venture

Increase your borrowing potential beyond the limitations of traditional construction finance facilities without a second mortgage.

Bridging Finance

Need funds to tide you over between the purchase of one property and the sale of another? Bridging finance may be your funding solution.

Stretch Senior Construction Debt

Combine asset-based and cash flow loans with higher loan to value ratios than traditional senior lenders with a hybrid debt instrument.

Mezzanine Funding

Close the gap between your funding development costs and first mortgage borrowing capacity by accessing funds through development equity.

Second Mortgages

Charging a second mortgage may sound daunting to some, but there are scenarios where this funding approach is strategically favourable.

Welcome to IBN Private:

Where short term commercial finance solutions are within reach for your business in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

In the current economic climate and ever-changing market, taking advantage of a business opportunity or undertaking a property development project is near impossible without commercial funding.

Banks have long been the go-to commercial loan provider for many SME operators and property developers who lacked the capital needed for their ventures. However, having their own interests to protect, these lenders often present financing options that come with lengthy timeframes, unattainable covenants and pages of red-tape, terms and conditions.


Banks have become so strict with their requirements that very few manage to pass even the application stage. Irrelevant credit issues, insufficient collateral, and no pre-sales can disqualify a borrower from obtaining a loan. This can be tricky for business owners and property developers, who often require a quick turn-around on approval, an understanding of the challenges faced by enterprising Australian’s, and a lender who can work without up to date or complete financials.


Luckily, there are commercial lenders who specialise in working with SME and property developers and understand their unique needs.

This is where IBN Private comes in. We are commercial finance brokers who source commercial finance solutions for proposals that fall outside the traditional lending guidelines. When you need capital quickly and without the run-around, it’s time to consider a commercial loan through IBN Private.

Flexible. Organising a commercial loan the old fashioned way takes time, a lot of paperwork, and a whole heap of running around. Oftentimes the borrower will need to conform to the bank’s requirements, not the other way around.


When you begin a conversation with IBN Private, you know you are working with commercial finance brokers who skip straight to the point, explaining the flexible processes, terms and repayment arrangements our commercial lending offers.

Easy to Obtain. If you are planning your next development, we can help make your application for development finance simple. Our commercial lenders are experienced with solution specific funding for developers. If you’ve got a great proposal to fund, we’ll have a lender for you.

What We Offer. We offer solutions focussed commercial finance facilities for Australian SME and property developer borrowers. We work for you to source the right solution for your commercial needs in a timely manner. In most cases, our commercial lending solutions receive an indicative approval within 24 hours, saving you time and worry about where your capital will come from. 

No matter the type of  lending you need, whether you are in BrisbaneSunshine Coast or the Gold Coast in Queensland, based in Sydney or across NSW, or down in Melbourne chasing funding across Victoria, you can access our solutions when you need them, where you need them. Just contact us and tell us what you need explain your situation. We will  answer all your questions and find you the most suitable private lending option in no time.

We work closely with property developers and business owners across the East Coast of Australia. We have commercial lenders in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Some of our lending partners prefer to work within the cities and regions they reside in, others are happy to work dependent on the particulars of the scenario. This ensures the right commercial lender is funding the right project, every time.


We are fortunate to have relationships with commercial finance professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each has their own risk profile, preferred parameters and specific expectations of the scenarios they fund. Part of the beauty of working with IBN Private is that we take the guesswork out of finding you the best commercial loan solution for your needs. We know each of the commercial finance providers on our panel and how they operate, supporting us to give you a quick response, every time.

Over 150 years combined experience

The Opportunities Are Limitless

If your idea is out of the box,
We’ve got commercial funding solutions to match

Build, grow, strive, achieve… We believe in funding the future, paving the way for opportunity and fostering ideas and enthusiasm. We wake up each morning excited to turn dreams into reality and think outside the traditional finance boundaries to make ‘yes’ happen for YOU.


We are not afraid of different

Commercial finance is never a one size fits all. We don’t shy away from the unusual, and we love a challenge. Your unique project requires a unique and tailored way of thinking. We combine creativity with diligence to find the perfect commercial finance solutions to support YOUR great ideas..


Embracing Innovation and Encouraging Creativity

You want to play big? We believe life is too short not to take opportunities, and the world won’t thank you for thinking small. We’re for supporting the clever risk takers.


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Get the best commercial funding solution for your project. IBN Private works with you to deliver flexible, responsive and responsible lending, supporting dreams and kicking goals.

Discover commercial finance solutions to bring your project to life

We Deliver Tailored Commercial Lending Solutions for projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast

Meet The Team

Lead by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Scott & Fiona Roberts, bringing a combined 150 years of industry experience to the table.

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IBN Private proudly sponsors a number of local businesses and groups to open up more opportunities for those in our community.

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