Mezzanine Funding

Mezzanine Financing unlocks access to funds from equity

We can assist with sourcing

mezzanine funding

for development. Once a mezzanine loan is obtained, you will be in a position to approach your major bank for the remaining capital required to complete your project.

Mezzanine capital can be used for property acquisitions, property development and property construction. It fills in the finance gaps for property developers.

The beauty of

mezzanine financing

is that the developer retains control over the company, unlike a JV or pref equity play. A mezzanine loan is a structured facility that sits behind your major bank to provide gap funding between the bank’s LVR and the developers contribution. The mezzanine lender is subordinated to the senior lender and accepts a second mortgage in exchange for a higher interest rate.

Mezzanine funding

is perfect for the developer with multiple projects on the go, who needs to keep capital fluid, while still meeting each project’s funding requirements.

“Mezzanine financing is less expensive than preferred equity and more expensive than traditional bank lending.”


It makes it very easy for the developer to determine their contribution requirements for a project and is faster and easier to raise than equity. Mezz can be repaid as a bulk repayment or as regular, scheduled, repayments.

When considering

mezzanine finance

you should think about how you will use it to its full benefit. Most developers will settle the land, finalise all planning and approvals, get the marketing up and running with a view to obtaining pre-sales and then enact the mezzanine loan.

Close the gap between your funding development costs and first mortgage borrowing capacity. Generally secured with a second mortgage, mezzanine funding can help you access funds through development equity to help you complete your construction project.

Talk to us about your development funding needs and we’ll let you know if

mezzanine funding

is the most appropriate solution for you.

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