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IBN Private specialises in short-term, secured private lending. Our asset-backed mortgages range from $250,000 to $10 million and we provide borrowers with a quick decision, quick time to settlement and easy application process, guided by our experienced team.

Our private lending facilities provide funds for a specific purpose within a business, for a short period of time. These short-term loans are often sought by developers, asset owners and businesses to fund opportunistic property or stock purchases, clear tax arrears, pay out an outgoing business partner, or cover short settlement time frames, to name just a few examples.

We also offer private lending for commercial property, landing banking and non-conforming loans.

At IBN Private, we don’t believe that previous credit history is a sole indicator of future ability. If you have real estate as security, we can provide financial solutions with short-term business loans ranging from one week, up to three years.

Our high professional standards, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and access to an extensive panel of direct lenders makes us the trusted choice for asset-backed private loans.

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Established in 2004, IBN Private is Australia’s leading private lending specialist, providing commercial funding solutions for property developers and business owners Australia-wide. We shine when it comes to complex funding solutions that traditional lenders generally shy away from, such as development finance, non-conforming loans, succession planning and commercial tax debts.

The group draws on its own funding, together with more than 250 private funders and investors, ranging from large superannuation funds to Managed Investment Schemes. Our overarching objective is to help businesses achieve their goals, and our reputation, 18-year history and deep industry relationships is testament to how we work.

How It Works

Our loan approval process is designed to provide you with an efficient funding solution.

Step 1

Contact us for an assessment.

Step 2

Download, complete and return an application form.

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed and a preliminary assessment provided.

Step 4

You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer.

Step 5

Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.

Step 6

You review and execute the Loan Contract.

Step 7

Your loan is funded!


Contact us for a preliminary assessment of your scenario on 1300 668 551 or email [email protected].


Download and complete an application form and return it to [email protected].


We review your application and provide a preliminary assessment (usually over the phone, followed by an indicative loan summary). This sets out the key loan terms. We then follow up with a written Indicative Letter of Offer.


You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer. We ask for further supporting information to complete our due diligence and conduct a third-party valuation of the security.


Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.


You review and execute the Loan Contract.


Your loan is funded!


Private lending is particularly advantageous for meeting time-sensitive settlements, land banking, bridging finance and purchasing business assets.

For site acquisitions, IBN Private can often arrange same-day, asset-backed finance approval.

This is a huge advantage in a competitive market and enables developers and businesses to use our services to secure swift finance approval, generally on a short-term basis anywhere between six months and two years, and then transition to traditional banking. Before they transition back to banking, they are typically adding value to the site by advancing planning approvals for future divestment, or development, when the market improves.

private lending for property development


Residential Subdivision Case Study

Case Study:
Private Lending for Residential Subdivision

The Challenge: A developer experienced delays receiving final council approval for a residential subdivision, which delayed titles for their project by six months. They required capital to cover operational costs until settlement of the sold-out subdivision could occur:


The Solution: IBN Private structured $2.5 million in second mortgage facilities, over a six-month term. The loan was approved and settled in 10 days, on an interest rate of 2% per month, with no financials or written valuation required. This was a great result for the developer, giving them the breathing room they needed to complete their project.

Land Banking Case Study

Case Study:
Private Lending for Land Banking

The Challenge: A deposit-ready family consortium with local development expertise identified a 50ha greenfield site for acquisition, however they didn’t meet the loan thresholds required by traditional banks.


The Solution: IBN Private structured a $1.5 million asset-backed loan, over a two-year term, to facilitate the site purchase. The loan facility did not require financials or a written valuation and was structured on a 40% loan to value (LVR) ratio. This was a great outcome for this family consortium, who have successfully acquired a sizeable and strategic site for future development.

AirBNB Private Lending Case Study

Case Study:
Private Lending for Airbnb Investment

The Challenge: A private investor had an unconditional contract on a $1.4 million Airbnb investment on the Sunshine Coast. Their bank’s conservative stance applied a 20% reduced to the investor’s income and the loan was not approved, putting them at risk of losing their $140,000 deposit.


The Solution: IBN Private structured an asset-backed loan that was approved on the same day of application, with no financials or written valuation required. We were very pleased to achieve this result for the broker and their client, protecting their investment and providing a stable position to transition back to traditional banking in the future.


Bridging finance is a short-term solution for a certain type and level of debt, ranging anywhere from $500,000 up to $250 million. Often, these loans are used by commercial and residential developers to secure sites in competitive markets where timing is of the essence.

And this where private lending has an important role to play. Bridging finance is asset-backed, with no financials required. They can be approved in a matter of days and enable developers to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and better position their portfolio through the ensuing DA process.

It’s a solutions-focused approach to capitalising on market cycles at opportune times, and once the position and value of the property improves, they are able to meet the conservative risk metrics required by the traditional banking sector and transition their funding accordingly.

Bridge Finance Private Lending
Private Lending Bridge Finance For development

Case Study:
Private Lending for Bridging Finance

The Challenge: A private developer acquired a site at auction after his existing long-term lender gave him the okay to proceed. However the lender changed their position due to cost overruns on the developer’s existing project, resulting from a combination of supply issues, rising costs, and the impact of a major rain event. Despite the significant income to be generated from the imminent completion of the existing development, the bank would not facilitate this next acquisition until it was completed. The client was concerned about losing his deposit and the potential reputational impact of not completing the acquisition.


The Solution: IBN Private structured an asset-backed bridging loan that gave our client room to breathe until he completed his project, with settlement achieved in one week. No financials or written valuation was required to complete the funding.


As the Australian Tax Office ramps up its recovery of company tax debts, many Directors are faced with a challenging situation – refinance the tax debt or face the risk of personal liability and full enforcement action.

And while the traditional banking sector does not offer solutions in this space, it’s an area the private lending sector has the capacity, solutions, and appetite to assist. Importantly, this funding is able to be secured in a much timelier manner than traditional loans.

If there’s an asset to secure the loan, then the hurdles are significantly different. And while the interest rates may be slightly higher, the short-term nature of the loan and the breathing space the capital provides is invaluable to companies as they rebalance and restructure.

Private lending, or funding, is a premium solution for a certain type and level of debt, enabling companies to resolve their financial pressures and structure their business to return to normal trading.

At IBN Private, our overarching objective is to help businesses achieve their goals and structure their balance sheet to the point that they can transition back to the traditional banking sector with confidence.

When Plan A doesn’t work, the private lending sector is the Plan B that will deliver timely results.

Private Lending Company Tax Debt


The IBN Private Mortgage Fund typically lends to the following types of transactions. Please complete the contact form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your proposal.

Short Term Funding

Our short-term funding solutions range from $250k – $10m and provide funding for a specific purpose within a business for a short period of time, generally 1 – 12 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Pay out an outgoing business partner
Complete an opportunistic property or stock purchase
Fill cash-flow timing gaps
Clear tax arrears
Provide interim cash-flow during DA
Cover short settlement time-frame’s

Commercial Property Funding

Commercial property funding offers flexible and tailored funding facilities from $500k – $50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms of 3 – 24 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Purchasing new properties
Completion of developments already underway
Specialised asset purchases
Commercial re-developments
Securing DA
Development construction without pre-sales

Land Banking Funding

Land banking funding offers a facility structured to suit the project’s timeframe. The project is funded on the strength of the proposed asset.

Land banking funding ranges from $500k – 50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms ranging from 3 – 24 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Buy and hold strategies for undeveloped land in prospective growth areas
Buy and hold strategies for distressed assets in prospective growth areas