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IBN Private Mortgage Funding are the specialists in the short-term secured lending space. with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we are your go-to for asset backed mortgages.

We work with direct clients as well as Brokers, Accountants and Real Estate Agents to source funding solutions for Commercial, Short-term, Development and Vacant Land purposes. We specialise in asset loans and pride ourselves on having the highest professional standards and an in-depth knowledge of the industry and market. We know our stuff.

IBN Private Mortgage Funding offers borrowers a quick decision, quick time to settlement and an easy application process.

With a select panel of Direct Lenders we will work with you to place your asset loan quickly and, using the expertise of Bransgroves Lawyers as our documentation partner, will have your asset backed mortgage settled in no time.


The Purpose:

The fund lends specifically to worthwhile business and/or investment purpose other than personal residential investment.

Funding is completed only in a company name. Our sister company, Apis Financial, can assist for your personal residential and investment enquiries.

Possible purposes are:

Purchase of a business
Buy new plants, equipment or stock
Pay tax or other work related expenses e.g. wages, legal fees, advertising etc
Business repairs and maintenance
Council approvals/Head works
Working capital to bridge an unexpected 'gap'
Fund a commercial or industrial property purchase when the bank cannot settle in time
Fund a residential investment property purchase in a trust or company name

The Exit

An acceptable exit strategy to repay the loan is required. Possible exit strategies are:

Sale of Asset/Stock
Working Capital
Outstanding Work / Invoices

The Security

All loans require real property security.

Main Supporting Documentation:

Signed Application Form
Borrower ID
Mortgage Statements
Rates Notices
Insurance Polices

Loan Parameters & Guidelines

Working with the fund is quick and simple. After an initial in-house assessment, we will let you know the likelihood of your proposal being funded.

Turn-around times are short, with loan offers generally available within 24 hours.

What do we look at when assessing a loan?

Funds must be used predominantly for any business or investment purpose, other than residential investment
Loans from $250,000 up to $5m with higher amounts available on application
Terms up to 36 months with pre-paid interest
Predominantly East-coast Metro locations, other locations on application
Eligible property security: residential, commercial, industrial, raw land
Interest rates from 7.95% per annum
LVR of up to 75%

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams; let us find the solution to fund your project so you can make your mark!

"We had just over a week to come up with some funds... and they did! The solution was in place and ready to settle a few days later."
Jason A. - Broker

How It Works

Our loan approval process is designed to provide you with an efficient funding solution.

Step 1

Contact us for an assessment.

Step 2

Download, complete and return an application form.

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed and a preliminary assessment provided.

Step 4

You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer.

Step 5

Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.

Step 6

You review and execute the Loan Contract.

Step 7

Your loan is funded!


Contact us for a preliminary assessment of your scenario.
Phone 1300 668 551 or email [email protected].


Download and complete an application form and return it to [email protected]


We review your application form and we provide a preliminary assessment (usually over the phone, followed by an indicative loan summary). This sets out the key loan terms. We then follow up with a written Indicative Letter of Offer.


You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer. We ask for further supporting information to complete our due diligence and also conduct a 3rd party valuation of the security.


Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.


You review and execute the Loan Contract.


Your loan is funded!

Is private mortgage funding right for me?

The IBN Private Mortgage Fund typically lends to the following types of transactions. Please complete the contact form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your proposal.

Short Term Funding

Our short-term funding solutions range from $250k – $10m and provide funding for a specific purpose within a business for a short period of time, generally 1 – 12 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Pay out an outgoing business partner
Complete an opportunistic property or stock purchase
Fill cash-flow timing gaps
Clear tax arrears
Provide interim cash-flow during DA
Cover short settlement time-frame’s

Commercial Property Funding

Commercial property funding offers flexible and tailored funding facilities from $500k – $50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms of 3 – 24 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Purchasing new properties
Completion of developments already underway
Specialised asset purchases
Commercial re-developments
Securing DA
Development construction without pre-sales

Land Banking Funding

Land banking funding offers a facility structured to suit the project’s timeframe. The project is funded on the strength of the proposed asset.

Land banking funding ranges from $500k – 50m (higher loan limits are possible through syndication) over terms ranging from 3 – 24 months.
The funds are typically used to:

Buy and hold strategies for undeveloped land in prospective growth areas
Buy and hold strategies for distressed assets in prospective growth areas

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