Short Term Property Loans

Short-term property loans for your needs

IBN Private offers short term property loans to borrowers with real estate security. Using our panel of short-term property specific lenders, we can offer lending facilities in as little as 48 hours. Short-term property loans are secured against real property assets and are ideal where a quick turnaround is required.

short term property loans

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How can I use a short-term property loan?


Short-term property loans are useful for several purposes, both last-minute and planned.


Short-term property loans can be used:

  • Where you have a short settlement timeframe
  • For a special short-term offer from a supplier
  • To purchase your new property before your existing property has settled
  • To pay out an expiring loan while waiting on a traditional funding approval
  • For non-confirming clients who require business funding
  • For working capital for seasonal business requirements
  • To cover a shortfall in funding
  • For purchasing a new property while waiting for traditional funding approvals

How can I apply for a short-term property loan?

The team at IBN Private have the skills and experience to quickly assess your proposal to determine whether a short-term property loan will meet your needs. A valuation may not be required, and we can assist you with structuring your proposal in the most appropriate manner to secure an approval.


Small to large businesses can access short-term property loans from $300,000 to $5 million with higher amounts to $300 million on application. Short-term property loans are approved swiftly and documented efficiently to ensure funds are disbursed to you without delay.


Generally, short-term loans secured by property will have a term of up to 12 months. If required, we can assist you in securing longer term finance once your initial need has been met.


A short-term property loan can ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity. For example, if you have found your next property purchase, but have to wait for the sale of your current property, a short-term property facility can tide you over, freeing up time and cash flow to allow you to complete your new purchase and take your time to ensure a top price for your sale.


Our approval process is quick and easy. Simply complete an enquiry form and one of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. From there, we discuss your requirements with the funder we feel most likely will approve your loan. Solicitors are instructed, documents signed, and the funds deposited to your account.

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Short-Term Property Loans FAQs

What is a short-term property loan?

A short-term property loan is generally secured against real property assets of the borrower and are ideal where a quick turnaround is required.

Will a valuation be required?

In many cases no formal valuation will be required. Many funders choose to use a property drive-by process or a desktop valuation that utilises multiple data points from various sources to arrive at a realistic and reasonable value for your property. The beauty of this process is that it frees up time, ensuring your short-term property loan is approved quickly and without delay.

I need help structuring my short-term property proposal

We can help with that. With a collective experience totalling greater than 100 years of experience in property finance, our team can help you structure your request for finance in the way that will best work for you.

What is an exit-strategy?

An exit strategy means how you intend to repay your short-term property loan.


Examples of exit strategies are:

  • Sale of property
  • Refinance to a traditional lender
  • Sale of business interests
  • Sale of other assets

Who are your funders?

We work closely with a panel of over 250 funders. Each of our funders has their own set of preferred terms and scenario’s they like to operate within. We have funders who work specifically with short-term property loans. They specialise in this type of lending and that makes life easier for you. Our funders know the market, they understand the locations and demographics of the geographic areas they choose to service, and they understand that time is money – ensuring you a timely approval and quick disbursement of funds.

I’m self-employed, can you help?

If you have real property security with equity, we will likely be able to assist. Many funders work with low-doc borrowers and specialise in this lending type.

What role does IBN play in obtaining a loan?

IBN operates as a Lenders Broker. We work on behalf of more than 250 funders across Australia and act as an intermediary between you and the funder. We work with you to understand your deal and to structure it in the best possible way to meet your needs and ensure an approval is obtained. We then talk to the funders who are most likely to approve your scenario, and work to obtain an approval for you. Our funders are not commonly known in the marketplace, they choose to work with Lenders Brokers like ourselves to ensure only deals that meet their requirements are presented.

Why use a broker at all?

When working to obtain a short-term property loan, you may ask yourself why you need a broker?


A short term finance broker is a useful tool in your belt, we know the market, we understand your needs, we know how to structure a scenario in the best possible light and save you time by only working with funders likely to approve your loan.

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