Stretch Senior Construction Debt

What is stretch senior construction debt?

You may have heard of stretch senior construction debt, or perhaps know it as stretch business lending or stretch finance. It simply means the lender will look to lend to a higher than standard LVR (loan to valuation ratio).

Stretch finance is used for development purposes. Senior stretch loans “stretch” to accommodate the financing needs of the borrower, but at a higher risk to the lender than a conventional senior loan.

For the borrower, the senior stretch loan provides speed and convenience. The borrower does not have to work with two different parties (a senior and junior lender) to have more of their development funded.

Our stretch senior development finance provides significantly higher loan to value ratio’s than traditional senior debt on a first mortgage basis with no mezzanine facility – effectively covering what a senior and mezzanine combination previously achieved.

Stretch is exit strategy based with repayment generally coming from the sale of residential development projects.

About Financing

Your equity goes further with stretch finance


From a developer’s perspective, equity can be spread over a greater number of projects. Stretch business lending provides more funding and thus requires less equity on each project, significantly increasing your ROI.


For example:

Traditionally lent senior debt might sit at a maximum LVR of 65%, using stretch finance, we may be able to “stretch” that LVR to 75%. This frees up equity for use in other projects.


Stretch is applied for at the start of the project and a feasibility study will be required to ascertain the projects requirements.

What types of property development can I use stretch finance for?


  • residential development
  • commercial development
  • industrial development
  • student accommodation
  • hotel development
  • nursing homes

When would you seek stretched senior debt?


Experienced property developers with a solid track-record of producing:


  • residential developments with strong pre-sales
  • commercial buildings with leases in place pending completion
  • a well-defined exit-strategy should consider stretch business lending as a part of their overall funding requirements

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