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Are you in need of a short term business loan? Need money now but don’t have it. Will have money in couple of months but by then it’ll be too late. You could borrow from a bank, but the bank doesn’t like that you have asked for a short term business loan or a short term business loan and a quick turnaround. Every second you spend trying to deal with this is another second your business is wasting time and resources. Let’s just get it done already… are we right?


Well, IBN Private provides quick and easy access to capital as and when you need it.

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If the banks aren’t revelling in your entrepreneurial spirit, don’t let them rain on your parade. Let us help!

We’re inspired, we’re driven and we have a solution to every funding need. Learn more about IBN Private.

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Short Term Business Loans With IBN Private

Short term business loans are for those big, one-off purchases. Things like:


  • Purchase of a commercial property
  • Meeting short-settlement time frames
  • Taking advantage of stock and equipment opportunities
  • Entry to new markets via your existing business
  • Business growth and expansion plans
  • Boosting cash-flow and working capital
  • Pre-payment of expenses
  • Tax debt payouts
  • Emergency business requirements
  • Renovations and refit’s
  • Smoothing out cash cycles due to delays from clients
  • Boosting capacity within the business.


See how we’ve helped others with alternative short term funding solutions.

Short term business loans aren’t generally for the purchase or start-up of a new business. (Although, if you have real property security with available equity, we can certainly look at these scenarios.)

In good news, this situation doesn’t have to linger any longer. Within 48 hours, IBN Private can organise funding for a short term business loan, even when there are outstanding ATO debts or existing credit issues.


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No financials required
Up to 70% LVR, first or second mortgages available
Real estate security required
All security types considered
Business purposes only
Exit strategy required
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Get a short term business loan through IBN Private for your business


With IBN, you can get a short term business loan to better manage your cash flow, grow your business or simply meet settlement timeframes. We don’t believe that previous credit history is a sole indicator of future ability. If you have real estate as security, we can provide financial solutions with short term business loans available from one week for up to three years.


Don’t stress about your finances any longer. Call us now and our team can quickly assess your situation and let you know our available solutions for your short term business funding needs. Contact us today.


Our short term business loans are available for terms from one weeks, to three years.


Short term business loans can be used for operational purposes, like buying new business equipment or taking advantage of one-off stock purchases at favourable terms.


Depending on the funder, the methods of repayment can be flexible. Short term funding facilities can have their interest payments capitalised within the loan facility or, a loan repayment schedule can be worked out if that fits better with your needs.

What if I need help with other short term finance?


We don’t offer Invoice Finance or Leasing products within our short term business loan offering, but we have colleagues who do and can point you in the right direction to meet your needs.

Benefits of Short Term Business Loans


  • Fast approval
  • Work with the short term loan funder
  • Act quickly to take advantage of opportunities as they arise
  • Opportunity to form an ongoing relationship with the funder
  • Excellent option for covering short term and temporary gaps in cash-flow
  • Perfect for one-off special buys and short term needs

How can I apply for a short term loan?


Application is quick and easy, simply apply here and one of the team will be in touch to let you know how we can help.

Make your next move with IBN Private


We are the experts in delivering unique funding solutions. Whatever you’ve got going on, we’re confident we can find a solution that sees you taking your business to the next level.  Plus, we won’t make you jump through hoops. We get it and we get on with it.


See how we’ve helped others with alternative short term funding solutions.

Short Term Finance FAQs

What is short term and long term funds?

Short term funds are funds borrowed over a short term, generally 1 day to 3 years. Long term funds refer to any loan with a term longer than 3 years.

When should short term funds be used?

Short term funds should be used in place of the borrowers own cash. Using a short term loan to make one-off business purchases, take advantage of business opportunities and meet a short settlement time frame frees up the businesses own cash for operational purposes.

What is a common method of accessing short term financing?

Short term financing can be obtained through a finance broker, or through the lender directly.

What are the short term sources of finance?

Short term financing can be obtained through a private lender or through traditional forms of finance, like a bank or building society.

What is short term finance needed for?

Short term finance is needed by businesses to finance a specific need or purchase. Short term finance can be used to meet a short settlement time frame, fund business growth and expansion, ease working capital deficiencies, make one-off asset purchases and for emergency business requirements.

What are the types of short term loans?

Short term business loans, short term commercial loan, short term property loan, bridging loan, debtor finance and lines of credit are all forms of short term loans.

What is the most expensive form of short term financing?

Short term financing is priced according to risk. If the borrower has insufficient security or a loan purpose that is considered risky by the lender, the loan will be priced in line with that risk.

When should short term funds be used?

Short term funds should be used where the borrower has to make a specific purchase and doesn’t want to use the own capital or cashflow. Short term finance makes it easy for borrowers to fund one-off busines purchases, provides capital for business expansion, allows businesses to take advantage of short settlement time frames and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

What are the two major sources of short term financing?

The two main sources of short term financing are through private lenders and through traditional funding, like banks and credit union’s.

How does a short term business loan work?

Short term loans are provided to businesses for periods of time generally less than 3 years. The loan amount is transferred to the borrowers account after security documents have been signed. It depends on the lender how you will pay back your loan. Some loans require a monthly repayment, others charge interest upfront and the loan is paid back at the time of maturity.

Are short term loans good?

Short term loans are helpful for small businesses with a specific need for finance. A short term loan can support business growth and expansion through the purchase of goods and equipment, through smoothing out cashflow and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

What is short term business finance?

Short term business finance helps businesses cover a specific need for a short period of time. This could be for the purchase of stock, payment of debtors, business expansion, working capital requirements or renovations and re-fit’s.

When would a business need a short term loan?

A business would need a short term loan to fund business growth, purchase stock and equipment, to boost cashflow, for renovations and re-fit’s and to gain entry to new markets.

What are examples of short term finance?

Short term finance refers to any sort of loan that has a term of 1 day to 3 years. This could include short term business loans, trade finance, debtor finance, bridging loans and short term property loans.

What type of loan is a short term business loan?

A short term business loan is a loan that is extended to a small business generally for a short period of time. A small business loan can be used to fund the purchase of stock and equipment, for small business growth and expansion, to smooth out cash flow cycles, meet a short settlement time frame and for emergency business requirements.

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