A fancy new Newsletter – Just for you!


A fancy new Newsletter – Just for you!

This week’s Lender Highlights for your lending pleasure.

The countdown is on! Only 34 sleeps ’til Christmas!

If you are looking for short-term finance to get you through the Christmas chaos, we’ve got the goods.

Short term, 1st mortgage, non-NCCP, must have exit strategy:

  1. Land Bank will lend against valuation rather than purchase price. Will lend on DA value. Major locations only up to 60% LVR. Max loan amount $10m. 1-12 month term. Rates 1.25% per month. Fast settlement.
  2. Commercial and Residential up to $6m. Rates 9.5%-12% pa. Up to 70% LVR. Terms up to 1 year. Predominantly East Coast metro.
  3. All property types considered up to $5m. Rates 12% pa. Up to 70% LVR. SEQ only. Very quick settlements. Internal valuation only.
  4. All property types considered up to $1m. Rates 1% per week. Up to 70% LVR. Australia wide. Settlement usually within 48 hours. Very short term only, suited mainly to 7 – 120 days when urgent funding required
  5. Commercial and Land Bank (no construction) up to $4m. Rates 9.5% – 10.5% pa. Up to 65% LVR. Sydney and Melbourne only.
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