6 of the best that can settle before the holidays!


6 of the best that can settle before the holidays!

Here’s 6 of the best that can settle before Christmas

If you are looking for short-term finance to get you through the Christmas chaos, we’ve got the goods, here’s 6 of the best that can settle before the merriment begins.

Short term, 1st mortgage, non-NCCP, must have exit strategy:

  1. Land Bank will lend against valuation rather than purchase price. Will lend on DA value. Major locations only up to 65% LVR. Max loan amount $10m. 1-12 month term. Rates 1.25% per month. Fast settlement.
  2. Residential and Commercial predominantly East coast Metro locations. Up to 70% LVR. Max loan amount $8m. Term 3 – 12 months. Rates from 12% – 15%pa. Internal valuation only. Settlement 5 – 7 days.
  3. Commercial and Residential up to $6m. Rates 9.5%-12% pa. Up to 70% LVR. Terms up to 1 year. Predominantly East Coast metro.
  4. All property types considered up to $5m. Rates 12% pa. Up to 70% LVR. SEQ only. Very quick settlements. Internal valuation only. Settlement timeframes 5 – 10 days.
  5. All property types considered up to $1m. Rates 1% per week. Up to 70% LVR. Australia wide. Settlement usually within 48 hours. Very short term only, suited mainly to 7 – 120 days where urgent funding required.
  6. Commercial and Land Bank up to $4m. Rates 9.5% – 10.5% pa. Up to 65% LVR. Sydney and Melbourne only.
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What we’re reading and podcasting.

This article on using your iPhone as a tool more so than an additional, rather demanding limb.

This book that has the unputdownability of a terrifying thriller. For reals, it’s a page turner.

Joe Rogan’s fascinating interview with Tyson Fury, all about losing and reinventing yourself. It has some colourful language so maybe don’t listen to it while picking the kids up after school……

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