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Your #1 Source of Reliable Commercial Funding Solutions in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria

Don’t let your failure to obtain financing from traditional sources get in the way of your business goals. IBN Private is here to help you find alternative funding solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’re on the lookout for commercial loans, bridge loans or a second mortgage, we’ve got you covered thanks to our vast network of private funders and non-conforming lenders.

We have a solution for every funding need! Call 1300 668 551 to find out how to get your project funding off the ground today.

Are you looking for a commercial property loan between $2M and $200M? Need money for your exciting project but you just can’t seem to get the bank to back you? Or perhaps you’re a contractor looking to turn an idle field into an investment property. Whatever the type of alternative funding you need for your business venture, IBN Private can deliver.

We serve developers and business owners right across Australia. Established in 2004 on the Sunshine Coast, we have expanded our Queensland team to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also provide services across NSW with our local Sydney team, as well as those based in Victoria through our Melbourne office.

With over 12 years of experience in supporting all sorts of commercial property development projects with help from over 600 funders on our panel, we are fully capable of turning difficult financial situations into profitable outcomes.