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In Sydney, IBN Private Mortgage Funding is a specialist in private loans. We have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. We’re your go-to for asset-backed mortgages.


To locate finance for commercial, short-term, development, and unoccupied land, we work with direct clients, as well as brokers, accountants, and real estate agents. We specialise in asset loans and pride ourselves on setting and upholding the highest professional standards while also sharing our comprehensive knowledge of the market.


With IBN Private Lending in Sydney, borrowers may anticipate a quick decision, a quick settlement, and an easy application process. We’ll work with you to quickly arrange an asset loan through our private panel of investors. And with the support of Bransgroves Lawyers as our documentation partner, we’ll have your asset-backed mortgage funded in no time.

What is a Private Lender?

It’s simply borrowing money from a non-traditional lender, who is generally a wealthy individual or company with extra cash from their main line of business searching for a greater return. Used for business purposes, private lending does not fall under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.


Private financing provides you and your clients’ quick approvals, reduced application requirements, fast access to funds and flexible payment options.

What Purpose Can it Be Used For?

All private funding is for business purposes. These reasons include; acquiring a commercial property, purchasing or starting a business, repaying a business loan, providing operational money for a company, and any form of property development activity, including construction finance. Funds cannot be used to acquire a personal residential investment property or a personal residence.

Why IBN Private?

Banks have long been the go-to commercial lending source for many SME operators and property developers who lacked the capital they needed. In the current market, mainstream lenders are typically providing finance offers with extended timelines, unrealistic covenants, and complex terms and conditions.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams; let us find the solution to fund your project so you can make your mark!

Private Lending in Sydney

How It Works

Our loan approval process is designed to provide you with an efficient funding solution.

Step 1

Contact us for an assessment.

Step 2

Download, complete and return an application form.

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed and a preliminary assessment provided.

Step 4

You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer.

Step 5

Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.

Step 6

You review and execute the Loan Contract.

Step 7

Your loan is funded!


Contact us for a preliminary assessment of your scenario.
Phone 1300 668 551 or email [email protected].


Download and complete an application form and return it to [email protected]


We review your application form and we provide a preliminary assessment (usually over the phone, followed by an indicative loan summary). This sets out the key loan terms. We then follow up with a written Indicative Letter of Offer.


You accept the Indicative Letter of Offer. We ask for further supporting information to complete our due diligence and also conduct a 3rd party valuation of the security.


Your Loan Contract is prepared and issued to you for review.


You review and execute the Loan Contract.


Your loan is funded!

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