Why should you work with a commercial finance broker……….like us?

Why should you work with a commercial finance broker……….like us?

For many of us, the idea of seeking out a new home loan is our idea of hell.

Why would anyone spend all that time trawling website after website, waiting in queues in dingy bank branches, being stuck on hold with *ahem* ‘helpful’ salespeople, only to then be unsure if you’ve got the best deal, if the loan will meet your needs, second-guessing if you’ve received unbiased advice – ugh!

“No thanks, that’s what a Broker is for!” I hear you say.


But what about for commercial finance?

Same issues, more convoluted criteria, soooo much more paperwork – why wouldn’t you use a commercial finance broker?

Need some reasons? Here’s why:

  1. You don’t have to find your own lender.

If you have all the time in the world to sift through websites, make phone calls and try to understand lending policies – good for you, get after it.

Most business owners we know would rather spend their time growing their business, seeking out new customers, diversifying their offering – not battling bureaucracy and trying to decipher what BBSW means.

Make it easy for yourself. Talk to a commercial finance broker, like us ;)


  1. You don’t have to speak ‘bankspeak’ – we take care of communications between you and the lender.

See point one. What does BBSW even mean? Does it apply to you? How would you know?

What about ‘tripartite’, or ‘liquidity fee’, or ‘terms sheet’?

Working with a commercial finance broker means talking to someone who knows (and has lived) ‘bankspeak’ and will translate that into easy, actionable steps to get you the finance deal you need.


  1. Commercial finance brokers know commercial finance. And business. And property. And people.

Our team collectively has around 150 years’ worth of property and commercial finance experience, and all that is at your disposal.

This makes it pretty simple for you to get the best possible deal for your project’s needs and your business’s goals.

We also have an extensive network of property and commercial specialists at the touch of a LinkedIn button.

This in turn expands your network, giving you access to some of the very best in the biz.


  1. Working with a broker saves you time, money, and effort.

When you work with a commercial broker, they know what to ask for. They know the documents you’ll need to provide, the timeline for a valuation, the most suitable lender for your needs. (If I can just get them to know the lotto numbers, we’ll be all set!)

In our business, most of what we do is to a deadline. It could be a bridging loan to fund the timing gap between the purchase of one commercial property and another. It could be providing funding for the new warehouse that was accidentally bought at auction on the weekend and needs to settle in 3 weeks but the bank can’t do it that quick (trust us, we’ve seen it). It could be jumping on the opportunity to purchase new equipment and take advantage of the instant asset write-off incentive.

Whatever your need, there is a funding solution to match. A commercial lending broker will help you source it.


  1. Experience matters.

You don’t visit to a surgeon to get your car fixed. So why would you trust your finance needs to someone who’s not an expert in their field?

Why not work with a team who understands your business, can see your bigger-picture proposal and wants to support you in achieving your goals?

Why not work with us?


To get your project financed, contact us. We can help with that.