The three types of Freedom

The three types of Freedom

There are 3 types of freedom we look for in our lives:



This seems the most obvious, but is it the most important? Most seem to struggle all their lives with the notion that they need more money and the thought that Money will buy them things that will make them happy. It will buy a type of freedom that only the very few seem to achieve – but what it really reveals is the second type of freedom that is far more important…


We are born, we go to school, we do well at school, we go to work, we work till we are too old to really enjoy life… then we die.

One of the most common wishes people have on their deathbed is that they wish they had more time – more time to spend with the people they love.  But through life we are constantly trading time for something.  At work we associate that time is money.  Certainly in times gone by, you made money by charging a certain amount for your time, in exchange for cash.

We do that in life too – we exchange our time for something in return. Time is far more important than money – if you lose money, you have the opportunity to get it back. Not time – once it is gone there is no way to retrieve it.  Arguably it is our most important resource.  Generally most people want financial freedom because they are seeking to maximise their time – they want their time on their own terms.

But the reason most people want freedom of time is because of the one thing we all seek….


We all want this. To be able to wake up each morning and live life on our own terms. The choice to live life as it should be. Everyone wants to live a completely fulfilling abundant life, on their own terms. Work hard when they want to, relax when they want to. Be passionate about causes. The choice to do what they want when they want, without apology, excuse or retribution.

Businesses generally have 2 goals:
1. to make a positive impact on those around us (our clients) and
2. to meet our own financial goals
…but ultimately choice is the holy grail we are all seeking.

We need to break this link between time and money.  Once that is done, we can then fully realise our potential and make a far greater impact on the world around us.

Choice leads us to the real reason we are on this planet, and what we were designed for – purpose.


~ Scott