Specialist Lending – Finance that’s fit for purpose

Specialist Lending – Finance that’s fit for purpose

When you think of the term ‘Specialist Lending’, what comes to mind?


Is it industry specific? Perhaps asset specific? Maybe it’s borrower or scenario specific?

In reality, it can be all of these individually, or a combination.

Specialist lending in our world relates to:

The Borrower – who has been told “no” to their lending request by their Bank

The Asset – it must be real property security

The Industry – Non-personal, small to medium businesses and property development/construction

This is the lending solution space we specialise in.


Back in the days when we could hug and shake hands, there was a common misconception that specialist lending was dodgy or somewhat unsavoury. Or that it was for high-risk, non-conforming borrowers who may have had previous issues with credit. Or that it was a last resort for borrowers who’d expended the last ounce of patience from their target weary bankers. Or that there were bikies involved…..

In reality, people use private lending for all sorts of reasons:

  • They may have a short settlement time frame to meet and their bank can’t meet it.
    • Private lending solves that problem.
  • They may have the opportunity to secure 2020 pricing for their 2021 stock purchase and their bank won’t fund it so far in advance.
    • Private lending solves that problem.
  • They want to buy out a business partner, but their bank wants to see current financials.
    • Private lending solves that problem.
  • If you want to see a few more scenarios, check out this post.
  • If you aren’t sure whether private lending is the right option for your business, give us a call to talk it through – 1300 668 551 – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If we’ve learned anything about this industry since COVID, it’s that businesses can still operate when it all seems rather bleak, and business owners will fight tooth and nail to protect what they’ve built.

We’ve seen whole regions band together to rise up and claim their stake within the market like Buy from the Bush, and specialist operators pivot to new industries, find new clients and keep their teams employed.

What we’ve noticed through all of this is the strength of these businesses, and their dogged determination to come out the other side of this thriving.

Funding the gap

If there is anything to be said for what we’ve seen in 2020, it’s that people still want to grow. We are speaking to more and more people who have used 2020 as an opportunity to expand their business skills, learn a new hobby, or undertake education for an entirely new career path.

Business growth can be hard during a lockdown. Our specialist lending products have ensured our clients have been able to weather the storm that has been 2020, with all (to date so far) coming out the other side, ready to smash 2021.

Some have used their funding to support their staff through this time, others have diversified into new product lines, others again have re-evaluated their stage in life and worked out that they’d really like to buy out their business partner and go it alone.

We’ve been here for all these scenario’s, and many more.

Specialist funding provides the solution for the opportunity.

How does it work?

Simple. really. We take the time to review YOUR opportunity and work to find a solution to match. We don’t compare you and your business to any others, we don’t want to see financials (which for most of our clients wouldn’t have anything to show for many months during this year), and we don’t ask for exorbitant fees upfront and then not deliver.

End to end, your approval could be 24 short hours away. (It’ll be a bit longer if you are doing property development…)

How can specialist lending work for you?

Drop us a line and find out!


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