Market: Does the US Market have more to fear than Trump?

US Market have more to fear than Trump?

Market: Does the US Market have more to fear than Trump?

To market, to market: It’s nearly a month into the new financial year, chatter around the office has us thinking about the market and portfolios.

Hot conversation is the US market, Trump and Central Banks and their impacts on the Australian property and stock markets.

Furthermore, an interesting Chanticleer piece in AFR had us talking about the possibilities and drivers of corrections in risk markets. We’d love for you to join the discussion over at Facebook or LinkedIn.

Data published by the Bank for International Settlements in its June quarterly review show Australia had the fourth best performing residential property market in the world between the end of 2007 and the end of 2017.

The latest Financial Stability Review advises risks of a simultaneous fall in asset prices because of a sharp rise in interest rates. “Such a repricing could, for instance, be triggered by a reappraisal of the expected path of inflation or a shock that undermined global growth and investors’ risk appetite,” the RBA said.

This is not fear mongering. After all, wherever you turn, with the possible exception of certain commodities, asset prices are hitting new highs or are just below their record level.

Hmm, this correction isn't going to cut it for market!

Hmm, this correction isn’t going to cut it!

So tell us, what is keeping you up at night?

What do you think poses the greatest risk to the markets in the coming year?

Where do you see shifts and corrections happening?

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