Help Us to Help You.

Help Us to Help You.

Property is Australia’s biggest industry.

The Property Council of Australia notes the Australian property market makes up 13% of Australian GDP. That’s a whopping $202.9billion annually.

The property industry accounts for more than 1.4million jobs and supports families Australia wide (ours included!).

But property is a tough industry to work in. Often, we learn through failure, through trial and error. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and why. Understanding how we can apply that knowledge to future projects and figuring out how to make it work in the present.

For every Tim Gurner or Harry Triguboff there are hundreds of smaller operators. Mum’s and Dad’s doing their first development, seasoned developers doing six-packs (and I don’t mean their abs…) and the biggie smalls of the development world – those who got in early and are now doing suburban shopping villages and small apartment buildings. The hours are long, information can be hard to come by and then there’s the planning and working with council part…..

So often we see reports advising  “five-year housing forecasts” and “positive outlooks for property” or the dreaded “housing downturn” and we wonder if we are in the right business, if what we are bringing into existence is going to sell, be helpful, and create some sort of ongoing legacy.

We are big believers in collaboration – it’s the soul of our business. Every lender on our panel is someone we have shared a meal or a beer or a game of golf with. These are people we talk to daily and who visit when they are in town. We work with project managers, accountants, town planners and QS’s Australia-wide to sift through the most interesting of deals and collaboratively seek a way forward for our mutual clients. We are all excited for 2020 and the opportunities it will bring for the Australian Property Industry.

Most of our clients come through word of mouth. Someone we’ve helped has been kind enough to share our details and what we were able to achieve for them, in the hopes working with us will help someone else achieve their dreams and goals.

We want to share what we know with you, our network. What we’ve learned, how we’ve helped. Traps and pitfalls; wins and gains. And all the fun stuff in between.

This year you’ll see an increased focus on education for the up-and-coming developers and the continuation of our Boardroom Series for the more seasoned developers.

We’ll be sharing more with our networks and working closely with specialists in the property field to assist our clients further and support them through their developments, be it their first, or fiftieth. Our goal is to create quality and informative content that is helpful for you, regardless of where you are at in your business.

So, over to you. We’d love to know more about you and how the property industry is a part of your daily life.

Does the property industry support you and your family? Have you been in the industry for long? What are the challenges you are facing? What are the wins you’ve had? Who are the must-have’s in your development team?

And importantly, how can we help and support you to level up your property game?

Leave a comment below, complete our little survey, join the conversation on Facebook or email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help you and your business.

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