Celebrating 20 Years of Empowering Australian Businesses

Celebrating 20 Years of Empowering Australian Businesses

IBN Private, Australia’s most experienced private lending specialist, is reaching a remarkable milestone as it proudly celebrates two decades of successful operations. Founded in 2004, IBN Private has grown to become the most experienced player in the private lending sector, transforming the landscape of business financing. Founder and Managing Director, Scott Roberts, shares his insights on the company’s journey and the evolution of the private lending industry.

“When I founded IBN in 2004, the private lending sector was still very much in its infancy,” recalls Scott. “I saw an opportunity to create a business that not only provided the necessary financial support to other businesses but also prioritised building strong relationships. We wanted to eliminate the barriers often seen in traditional banking and offer a safe, reliable alternative.”

Over the years, the private lending market has seen an influx of new players, which Scott views as a positive sign of growth and opportunity. As major banks have shifted towards more conservative lending practices, private lending has stepped up to fill the gap. Today, it plays a crucial role in Australia’s economy by offering solutions when traditional banks may not be able to meet the unique needs of businesses.

“At IBN Private, we take pride in being a reliable source of assistance for clients facing cashflow challenges but with valuable property assets,” explains Scott. “For instance, in the residential development sector, private lending offers flexibility by not requiring the same presale coverage that banks demand. This flexibility strengthens the credibility of our deals and provides businesses with viable opportunities.”

IBN Private’s impact on Australian businesses is nothing short of impressive. With more than 5,000 satisfied referral partners and clients, the company has navigated market cycles, minimised risks, and maximised opportunities for its stakeholders, enabling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

“As we approach this significant milestone, we reflect on the immense progress our industry has made,” Scott remarks. “Thousands of businesses have achieved their goals with the support of private funding solutions, and that is an accomplishment we cherish.”

Adding to their long list of achievements, IBN Private was recently awarded the prestigious Elite Broker Award for Private Funding. This recognition reaffirms their commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication to their clients and partners.

As IBN Private looks ahead to the future, their focus remains unchanged: to foster enduring relationships and continue being a driving force behind the success stories of Australian businesses. With their expertise, personalised approach, and recognition as an industry leader, the next chapter in IBN Private’s journey promises to be as remarkable as the last two decades.