A 2020 Kick-off! Private Lending, Development Funding, Short-Term Needs

A 2020 Kick-off! Private Lending, Development Funding, Short-Term Needs

A 2020 Kick-off! Private Lending, Development Funding, Short-Term Needs

Given it’s a new year and people are thinking about what they plan to achieve over the next 12 months, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share with you where our specialties lie and how we can help you with your property development goals in 2020.

Wow, 2020, it’s hard to believe it’s here already. We hope you’ve had a restful Christmas period and were able to spend time with your loved ones.

This year is the year of the property developer. (Nothing official, that’s just what we’re calling it!) Australia’s population is growing rapidly, and homes are needed. We have over 600 lenders on our panel, more than 200 of these specialize in private lending. With the ability to place loans secured by real property security, if you have a reasonable proposal, we can help you with your property and commercial lending needs.

So, how can we help you?

Commercial Lending Solutions


IBN offers Commercial Lending Solutions for business owners and property developers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We can help with other states on application. If you have a proposal the banks aren’t excited about, please send it to us, we’d be delighted to have a look.

Types of loans:


Commercial Business Loan

Short Term Business Loan

Lending Parameters:


Loan Amount: $500k – $250m (higher on application)

LVR: Up to 80% (higher on application)

Terms: up to 2 years

Rate: from 5%pa

First and Second Mortgages

What can I use a Commercial Loan for?


Here are a few ways you can use a Commercial Loan:

  • Land banking
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Purchase commercial property for investment/own business use

Property Development Lending Solutions:


Development Loan

Lending Parameters:


Loan Amount: up to $250m (higher on application)

LVR: Up to 70% of GRV for first mortgages

Terms: up to 2 years

Rate: from 5%pa

Mezzanine finance available depending on project

Pre-sales not always required

What can I use a Development Loan for?


  • Construction of residential, commercial and industrial property developments
  • Mixed use developments
  • Land banking
  • Land subdivisions
  • Head works
  • Professional Fees
  • Council Contributions
  • Landscaping
  • Interest and Fees

Short-term commercial and bridging loans


We are very fortunate to have a small panel of Private lenders who specialise in non-conforming residential loans. Our Private lenders are commercially minded and take an interest in what they are funding.

Type of loan:


Short term loan

Bridging Loan

Lending Parameters:


Loan Amount: up to $50m

1st or 2nd mortgages

Rate: From 8%pa

Term: Up to 12 months

Borrower type: Company

Security: Real estate security required

Exit strategy required

Who can use a short-term loan?


Anyone in business with adequate real estate security.

What can I use a short-term loan for?


Short-term loans can be used for a multitude of purposes. For example:

  • meeting short settlement time-frames,
  • as bridging finance between property sale and purchase
  • stock purchases
  • seasonal business requirements
  • second mortgage purposes
  • cash flow for development DA application

Why Private Lending?


Private Funding is on the increase in Australia. Tighter credit controls within banks, changes to policies and lack of appetite are all causing a drought of funds for property developers.

More than anything, Private Lending is a facilitation tool. It allows you to continue your project until you meet a traditional lenders requirements.

Our experience and specialization in Private Lending makes it easy for you to have all your lending needs met in one place. You will have one point of contact yet access to hundreds of cumulative years of knowledge and experience.

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Who are the team behind IBN Private?


Scott and Fiona Roberts started IBN Private in 2004 after extensive experience in one of the Big 4. Scott and Fiona had noticed there were several quality deals that didn’t quite fit the banks stringent lending requirements that were, at their core, solid proposals. Scott and Fiona set out to solve the problem of lending to these proposals.

After 16 years in business it’s apparent their solution has worked.

Supporting Scott and Fiona is David Jahnke, our Senior Credit Manager, and Paul O’Rourke, our Relationship Manager. Both David and Paul come from traditional banking backgrounds. Both also have years of experience in property development and finance, both from banking and development perspectives. With real world knowledge and experience, your proposal is safe with IBN Private.


Scott Roberts


Fiona Roberts


David Jahnke


Paul O'Rourke

What about other lending?


Our sister company – Apis Financial – offers a full complement of residential loans and business cashflow lending options. Both traditional and non-conforming needs are quickly and easily tended to by our experienced team of Brokers.

Our team have the skills and experience to assist with structuring your proposal to maximise your opportunities for approval.

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