365 days later… what will your impact be?

365 days later… what will your impact be?

Well….. 12 months and 200 lockdowns later (a possible exaggeration…?), here we are.  When Fiona asked me to write a follow up to my 365-day legacy article from this time last year, I agreed, perhaps not understanding how powerful the exercise would be.

Most people don’t think about death until they themselves have a serious illness or someone close to them passes.  You know that feeling you get where you wonder what life is all about?  That there has to be something more?  Speaking to clients, lenders, business partners and friends about it over the past year was quite liberating – and sometimes amusing – but always thought-provoking.

So what did my 365 day legacy bring me?

  • I very quickly established who I wanted to work with and who I didn’t.
  • Once I decided who I wanted to spend my time with our business relationships grew far stronger, transcending mere referrer agreements and becoming true collaborative partnerships where all involved, benefit.
  • Business meetings now have meaning, not just a catch up over coffee to see what’s happening.


But mostly I learnt a lot more about myself. ‘Know Thyself’, the Hermetic axiom at the heart of most major mythologies as the answer to life, became a constant. 35 years of studying ancient philosophy means very little when considering your own mortality.

Understanding just what is important in life and taking steps to bring IBN in line with our own personal philosophies has been key. As we actively seek out those who share the same ideals, our business changes for the better, and so too does our impact on those around us.

Life is short; and 365 days is a mere blip. With another lockdown to deal with, today is as good a day as any to decide who you are going to have beside you as you build your legacy.

What will you choose?